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I started my small business in 2007 as freelancer to serve customers across the globe.  The purpose is to help people to select the right technology for their business needs.


I provide solutions in the area of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Management, Ecommerce Implementation, Data Analytics and Research.  I bring in the best practices and expertise to the table.


Within the span of 8 years, my organization has touched over 500 customers on the planet.   I am currently operating from Kerala (southern part of India) and work from home.   I have a wife and two children.  


Prior to freelancing business, I have worked in many organizations and held various roles -  Administration, Human Resources, Technology, Marketing and Business Head.  


I use my 18 years of industry experience in my freelancing business in order to achieve maximum potential with minimum effort.


I am fascinated about learning new tools and techniques and put my learning to use in my business.  An active networker and interested in adding value to customers. I am also a regular contributor to various social media groups.   When i am not working, I listen to spiritual teachings and read self improvement topics.  


I have been awarded a Degree in Economics from Calicut University and PG Degree in Human Resources from Symbiosis Institute of Management.  I am also certified in Business English Communication (BEC) Level II from Cambridge University, London.

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